Client Benefits


Campaign Info
Promotional Info
Sales and Commission Reporting
Hiring Reports
Active & New Hire Agent Charts
Profit & Loss
Social Security Number Validation Reports
Easily generate 1099 and Quickbook data
Inventory tracking and Reporting
Time Cards
Quality Control Modules

Real Time Reporting

Your clients can access real time reporting whenever needed. These reports include sales per hour, summary sales production reports, and even third party verification reporting. Real time reporting provides your clients with peace of mind that they can monitor and track their vendors’ production and progress.
Eliminate the guesswork of compliance with Territory Management modules which allow vendors the ability to set guidelines and restrictions for their teams. Your clients can then monitor and gauge the compliance of these restrictions through Territory Management reporting.

Active/Inactive Agent

Give Clients the access to view IC information such as contact info, hire date, manager info, as well as activation and deactivation dates. Clients who may require this type of information immediately can access it on their own without a wait time from vendors.

Pushing Data via API

Automated reporting and updates eliminates the need for user controlled data distribution The portal can be set to communicate with your clients by proving hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly reporting of endless types of data, such as:

  • Agents start/end dates
  • Agent codes
  • Sales Reporting
  • Invoices

Quality Control and Assurance

Conduct Quality Control Call back with your very own compliance module. You will have the ability to set up QC question, validate your agent’s high standards and excellent knowledge while interacting with potential customers. Rank your agent’s performance by supplying reports by agent, team, city, state and campaign. Show your clients that you not only care about producing a high volume of sales by the quality is more important than the sale.

Clients can feel confident that they have made the RIGHT Decision in choosing you as their partner. They will have unique and secure access to vital information about their business and what you are offering to them. Your success depends on your relationship with your client. Put them at ease with allowing them to help you and help them. It’s the WINNING combination!