Custom Reports

Real-Time Sales Production Reports (SPRs) detail both a summary and a breakdown of individual offices right down to the agent level. Your team will have access to these reports real-time as your field agents TPV new customers so you can manage your salesforce at a high-level and obtain the results desired. Third-Party Verification Reports (TPV) give your company and the client a comprehensive assessment of which offices are selling, how many sales per field agent and in which specific territories. This displays which offices and which agents are selling in given territories. In addition, it provides:

Customers names, contact information and addresses
Utility Account Numbers
Sales verification codes tied to the transactions
Specific product verification codes to analyze percentages derived from sources of income
Notice if the sale cycled through to completion to validate the sale or open opportunity to reconnect with the customer and secure it

Profit and Loss (P&L) Statements for your business are readily available so you can track cash flow, analysis your profit or lack thereof per agent, sales team, product type, zip codes, city, state, day or hour of the week, IBO or client.

Commission Reports give you and your client the added benefit of reviewing sales on the individual level:
Individual agents, sales office leaders and IBO’s can transparently review their commission reports and feel comfortable that they are getting paid accurately and timely.

  • Sales that go through the entire cycle against those that may have been rejected, along with reason codes for possible rejection. Reason codes give your business and the client the opportunity to address a potential error and go back to secure the customer.
  • The products or services are being sold. This gives the client and your business to identify trends in terms of what is being promoted or what is popular among customers and in which territories.
  • All customer information, including contact names, addresses and regions worked

New Recruits Reports are delivered to you and your client every time a new representative or group of representative’s cycle(s) through the onboarding procedure. This enables the user to know who is working on the campaign and the start date so you can track the agents’ progress historically as they promote the campaign
Campaign Import Details Report is a quick snapshot of the days sales for each of the campaigns your company is representing. With ease, you can quickly review yesterday’s numbers to strategize for tomorrows results!