TerriBite™ removes all the stress of the traditional training seminars while maintaining the current benefits and increasing value of the time spent:

Computer-based training organizational and client tutorials are made easily available to members of your office so they can watch and follow along from anywhere on mobile devices at their convenience.
Tutorials can range in subject matter from explaining the client’s new product or service offering to demonstrating how to close a commercial deal. Your company can also train hourly or salaried employees on new software or on organizational policy updates.
Training modules can include intermittent tests that the user must pass in order to move forward or end-of-presentation tests that the user must submit.

TerriBite™ offers your company the most innovative and efficient ways to share knowledge and teach skills in a cost-effective, manageable way.


TerriBite™ enables the user to save and organize all promotional materials needed to grow the business and keep sales agents and staff informed. Now, members of your organization can quickly and easily access at their convenience:
Marketing materials from your clients about products, services and special offers
Promotional literature about your office
YouTube informational and training videos
Recruiting materials such as flyers, brochures and job ad templates to post on career boards
Link your unique website, news pages, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook any other social media you may utilize to communicate with your agents.

Eliminate wasted time e-mailing updates or responding to inquiries. Just upload new materials or updates of current materials and in seconds, they will be available to everyone.