News Feed

This feature is available both on PC and across any mobile platform:

Post messages publically
Respond to messages publically
Start discussions
"Like" comments
Send out important alerts
Enable agents and field leaders to broadcast messages to you and their fellow team

Broadcast Message System

The TerriBite™ broadcast message system is the no-hassle method of distributing lengthier more, critical messages. This will distribute in an e-mail format, but without the requirement of having a personal e-mail address:
New policy updates
New client pricing information
Real-time updates such as weather conditions in a particular market
Send and receive private messages between individual agents

Additional Features

Historical tracking to see the exchange of communication between your business and partners, including a “Sent Message” queue.
Mark messages as “read” or “unread.” Read a message now or save for later.
Establish saved message templates for recurring announcements such as those pertaining to opening a new market, a client offering a new product, price updates, reports available, etc. This will save you time and enable you to work more efficiently.